“Like this who has done, has accomplished.
Like this who is in essence, has accomplished

-  Ashtavakra Gita : The Ultimate Solace

Ajat Srishti

The Unborn World

Ajat Srishti, meaning "the unborn world", is an official website Of Harsha.

Harsha is a spiritual teacher and an author.



Spiritual Teacher & Author

Previously a software engineer by profession, Harsha left his job & came to Himalayas in search of God.

After 10 years of intense struggle involving many austerities, spiritual practices, hardships and exposure to raw conditions in Himalayas, he understood the truth when he studied the original Sanskrit scriptures in a monastery which follows Adi Shankaracharya’s tradition.

He has traveled in countries like Russia, Nepal and India, where he was invited to deliver Satsanga and interactive discourses on Self-Realization and spirituality in general.

Now he has settled by the banks of Ganges in Rishikesh and guides spiritual seekers, other commoners and shares his understanding with those who are destined to hear it from him.

The Other Bird : A Memoir

Hello Friends,

My next book "The Other Bird" is coming out soon !

It is a memoir on my spiritual journey in Himalayas, where I happened to walk hundreds of kilometers barefoot, stayed in many mystical places, met many monks involved in mysterious spiritual practices, learned scriptures & performed various spiritual practices.

In this fascinating book, I will walk you through my memory lane, gently holding your hand, just like my hand was held by God during all these years !

The wait is only for :


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