A great deal of solace for sure. Even if you are not interested in the technicalities of the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, no issues. This book will still be a treasure trove for you every time you feel uneasy, uncomfortable or miserable in your life. Read & experience for yourself, why to say more...
Ashtavakra was a sage in ancient India. 'Ashta' means 'eight' & 'Vakra' means 'folded'. Since his birth, eight parts of his body were folded due to the curse given by his father, hence the name Ashtavakra. Later on in his life, he went on to became a greatly knowledgeable sage & became the spiritual master of King Janaka, after he made Janaka realize the real nature of the soul, thereby liberating King Janaka from the sorrows of this illusory world. The dialogue between Sage Ashtavakra & King Janaka, known as 'Ashtavakra Gita' or 'The Song Of Ashtavakra' is widely regarded as the final text of spiritual knowledge.
Many years back, when I was walking in the Himalayas in search of God Realization, I happened to pick an old copy of Ashtavakra Gita in a monastery. That time I did not realize the power of Ashtavakra's verses. However, the copy of the book remained with me wherever I went afterwords. Years after that, perhaps when I became eligible, I happened to open the book in order to go through it, just casually. As I started going through it, the words of Ashtavakra started penetrating deep into me, giving me a great deal of solace & reaffirming the truth that I had studied in the scriptures by then. One fine day, I was going through the verses of Ashtavakra, holding the small book in my left hand while just checking my emails on my small 2 in 1 tablet, and I thought, may be I shall write a commentary on the verses of Ashtavakra, in order to explain the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta (Monism or non-dualism) to the readers, in as simple a language as possible. And I was sure that this book has the capacity to give solace to even those readers who are not interested in the technicalities of the philosophy, such is the power of words of Sage Ashtavakra. An year later, the book came into being in its current form.

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