Wisdom Fail

One day Mulla Nasaruddin’s wife got pissed off with neighborhood children making lot of noise around their house.

“Why don’t you go and drive them off?”, she asked Nasaruddin.

“I have tried it several times but they gather courage again”, Nasaruddin replied in a helpless tone.

“Try some new trick or do whatever you want, but I must see them going off in next 5 minutes”, ordered the wife in a commanding voice.

Nasaruddin started scratching his head and somehow managed to come up with a trick.

“Hey, boys, what are you doing here? Go and collect the gold coins king is distributing right now”, he shouted from the window.

Upon hearing this the children started running away hoping to get the coins.

“Thank God, for the first time you have used your brains to good effect”, said the pacified wife to Nasaruddin, who looked as if he was contemplating on something.

Then Nasaruddin wore the footwear and started going off in a hurry.

“Now where are you going”, asked the surprised wife.

Nasaruddin replied,“Let me go and check. Who knows if the king is really distributing the coins?” !!

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