The Other Bird : A Memoir


My next book ‘The Other Bird’ is coming out soon.
It is a memoir of my spiritual journey spanning over past 12 years.
During this period, first I was drawn towards the spirituality, then I decided to set out on a mission with only one objective in mind : God Realization. It eventually led me to quit my job & start an unpredictable journey.
Then over a period of ten years, I happened to walk barefoot hundreds of kilometers in the Himalayas, stayed in many mystical places & with many mystical monks. Also I studied the original scriptures in a traditional monastery. Today after twelve years of an whole-hearted effort, I stand where I am, understanding-wise.
The reason I want to share my story is simple : I just want to offer you ready-made stuff on platter so that you will know the exact meaning & path of spirituality which can save you from the traps weaved around the concepts of spirituality & God Realization.
So get ready for this exciting book.

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