Our Connection With God (Blog Series) – Part 2

… Continued

“There are three types of species : Species who get born out of eggs (like birds), Species who get born out of womb (like humans) and species who arise out of soil (like plants). That truth intended ‘May I enter these three kind of species as their individual soul and express myself through name and form!’”.

Here a doubt may come in our mind that if the ultimate truth that Aaruni is talking about is the presence which was there before the creation, then obviously he was enjoying the freedom which is beyond the periphery of name and form. If that is the case then why that presence would have wanted to enter the creation and enter the species as their individual soul ? What was the need for him to express himself through name and form? And by doing so does he not become party to the sorrows and sufferings of the individuals?

Well, all these doubts would have hold the ground if that truth would have actually entered the creation and if it would have really entered the species as their individual soul. The fact of the matter is that the so called entering of the truth has not taken place materially. It has taken place virtually as the creation itself is a virtual phenomenon and so are the individuals.

Also the sorrows and sufferings of the individuals are due to non-recognition of their true nature which is nothing but that truth itself. Individuals are not the material embodiment of the truth but individuals are part of the virtual creation and the truth is the real presence, the real existence.

Going forward in this blog series we will see how Aaruni makes Shvetaketu realize his true nature and different ways in which he expounds upon the connection between an individual and the truth, the God.

“Then the truth thought that I should make each of these species threefold. Then he made each of them threefold. How he made them threefold? That I will tell you, O Shvetaketu!”

To be continued …

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