Our Connection With God (Blog Series) – Part 1

God! All of us use this term millions of times during our lifetime. In fact this would surely be one of the most frequently used terms in our communication. But have we ever wondered as to how exactly are we connected to God? Have we given ourselves a chance to ponder over our connection with the God?

We will try to understand our connection with the God through this nine part blog series. Here we will see the story from Chandogya Upanishada where a father explains his son the exact connection between an individual and the God in nine different ways.

The story begins like this :

Once there was a great scholar in ancient India, Aaruni. He had a son named Shvetaketu. Since Aaruni used to be very busy with his own work, he asked young Shvetaketu to go to another master for scriptural studies.

In those days, the scriptural studies used to be mainly concerning the ritualistic part of the religion. Also, the term ‘study’ was largely used to indicate the remembrance of all the mantras and chants in the scriptures.

After having spent 12 years studying like this in the asylum of his master, Shvetaketu returned as a very proud graduate fellow.

Having noticed his swollen pride in his religious scriptural studies, his father Aaruni asked him “Have you asked your master the wisdom by which the unknown (God) becomes specifically known? Just like by the knowledge of one clay pot all the other clay pots become automatically known because the clay is the truth and the forms of the pots are just a figure of speech. Similarly by the knowledge of one gold ornament all the other gold ornaments become automatically known and by the knowledge of one piece of iron, all the other iron products are automatically known, O Shvetaketu! have you received that wisdom?”

Oblivious to this kind of wisdom, Shvetaketu replied negatively and said “O Father, surely my master do not know about such a wisdom. If he had known then he would have told me about this. So please you only bless me with this great wisdom”.

Aaruni started elaborating on this great wisdom.

“In the beginning there was only one truth, one presence, one without any second. But few people say that there was a total absence in the beginning and through that absence the presence has got produced. But, O Shvetaketu! how is it possible for the presence to get born out of absence? Hence there was surely one presence in the beginning.”

“That presence intended ‘May I become manifold! May I assume many forms!’. Then he produced the fire. Then the fire intended too ‘May I become manifold! May I assume many forms!’. Then the fire produced the water. That is the reason when someone’s body temperature goes up he starts sweating. That time the fire in the form of heat produces the sweat in the form of water.

Then the water intended too ‘May I become manifold! May I assume many forms!’. Then it produced the food. Therefore wherever it rains, the food gets produced in the form of crops.

To be continued …

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