Impeccable Answer

“What are you writing, Ravindra”, I asked.

Ravindra just looked at me mercifully, ignored my question and continued to gaze in his diary.

It was not the first time that I had asked him this question and it was not the first time he had given me a petty look.

In the early part of my spiritual quest, I was staying in the dormitory hall of a monastery. In return, I used to serve in their office as an office boy.

All new inmates of the monastery were given a common dormitory accommodation for initial few months till the authorities would eventually come to believing that you are a good fellow!! After that they would give you a separate room.

I was a new entrant in the monastery, seeking to get the spiritual knowledge and totally devoted to making all efforts to have God realization.

There were around 10 people in the hall staying with me and Ravindra was probably the most austere among all of us.

A lean fellow, Ravindra would get up at 4’o clock in the morning, take bath with cold water even in the chilly winter and meditate for a couple of hours.
Then he would go to Ganges with a small little steel vessel, collect the Ganges water and offer it to Lord Shiva in a nearby temple.
He would eat only once a day, would walk barefoot and had only two sets of white clothes which he would use alternatively.
He would never offend anyone, nor raise his voice and reach his department a good five minutes before his slated service time.

It looked as if Ravindra was a totally selfless person with an absolute surrender to God’s will.

I was convinced that Ravindra was a role model for all spiritual aspirants.

Every night he used to write something in his diary, probably his thoughts or experiences during the day. While writing the diary, he used to gaze on the floor besides him for minutes altogether. Sometimes his gaze used to be sharp and pointed, sometimes it used to include expressions of a new enlightenment. His facials would also change accordingly. He was very secretive about his writings in the diary.

Sometimes I used to try and connect with him by asking him something very trivial.
I used to pretend as if I was asking very casually, but deep inside I always had a curiosity to know more about him and his spiritual progress.

After few days of clandestine efforts, one fine day I was lucky enough to have his attention when he was writing his diary.

“What are you writing, Ravindra”, I asked with the same pretense of being casual.

Ravindra replied, “It is not to be told now. You will know it after this diary gets published when I will become a famous Guru”!!

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