Hope & Peace


By Milie Sharma

Two beautiful words, simple, short and yet very reassuring. I live moment by moment through these two words. Life is quiet exciting, every day and every moment if you really notice. Life is an adventurous invite which we receive in the form that comes as excitements, sorrows, pain, love, hate, anger, impulsion, and calm, composed temperament. Amidst all this, there is always that two words, Hope and Peace that always bring us back to our true nature keeping us all balanced… i.e a pure consciousness that we are, as it should be and we forget all other, being happy and joyful.

Peace and hope are very fundamental essence of our life and it is given to us by nature, all of are entitled to it  and yet we are not always sure, if we have access to it. This is because we forget to see through ourselves…We look for it everywhere else other than within us. I have unlocked a secret which will be a key I will never lose, whenever I am caught being locked in these life distractions of feelings and emotions… I will tell you how to find that secret key… All you have to do is, TAKE A DEEP BREATH and find a place out in nature, it could be outside in your porch of an apartment, a corner where you see a view of a tree , bird, cloud, kids playing and just remain focused on that view…you will get peace and hope…after all..it is just about being present and living in the moment…

Emotions come and go, feelings are just distractions invited by emotions and emotions comes when we engage our thoughts, where mind is playing games… Do not get trapped…if you catch yourself getting caught in this …just remember to sit outside and doing nothing…..you will be glad you did it and to realize how simple it is at the end to get peace and enjoy hopes in life…

Today, on my way to work…i just enjoyed the audiobook “ The science of energy” by Michael Wysession.  The word energy is something I use a lot and I am dependent on it  a lot in my day to day life so I was curious to explore on this topic.. A rather good book…I  am finding…It is helping me learn some basics of physics again and it helps me connect to one of my goal to living minimally…giving me tips on why in our day to day life we have to be mindful of using energy wisely to save for future generation, for our children. I feel I am a bit selfish now, talking about future generation because I do have two little ones and I care for their future and their resources..

I have to start my day, seeing my beautiful people at work…they are going through a lot of things.. I will bring that up some other day…

Live peacefully…be hopeful.

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