Our Connection With God (Blog Series) – Part 8

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Aaruni said, “O Shvetaketu! When a person is on a death bed, people near him surround him and ask him ‘Can you recognize us? Can you recognize us?’. Till his speech does not get dissolved into mind and till his mind does not get dissolved into his Prana(air within the body) and till his prana does not get dissolved into heat within the body and till the heat does not get dissolved into the transcendental deity, he recognizes the persons surrounding him.”

“After that when his speech gets dissolved into the mind, the mind gets dissolved into the prana, the prana gets dissolved into the heat and the heat gets dissolved into the transcendental deity, he can not recognize the persons surrounding him.”

So basically Aaruni is saying that the sequence of things during death is same in case of a realized being and in case of an ignorant person.

Then what is the difference between a realized being and an ignorant person?

The difference is that a realized being, on account of his realization, has understood the formless nature of his and therefore he has lost the purpose in the objective world. Hence, after death he has no reason to return to the objective world again to fulfill any desires or remaining tasks. On the other hand, an ignorant person does not recognize his formless nature and therefore continues to take himself as an individual entity having some purpose in the objective world. So on account of his ignorance, he continues to get reincarnated as an individual in some form to pursue his unfulfilled desires. Then the sorrows and sufferings also follow him as he gets engaged with the objective world.

Some people have a point of view that if one is able to leave his body through a certain channel within the body then he attains the liberation. However, this kind of death will only mean that the person has left the body keeping his sense of individuality intact. It would also mean that he has left from one place and has got transported to some other higher realm. But liberation is not any kind of physical or subtle transport of an individual’s subtle body because such a transport can only take place within the peripheri of an objective world which is bound by the time, space and cause-effect relationships.
So, the transcendental deity which is the formless existence, which the realized being has understood as his real self –
“That subtle formless existence is the soul of all these things. That formless existence is the truth, that is the soul and O Shvetaketu! You are that!”

Having heard this Shvetaketu had a further doubt that if the sequence of things taking place during the death of a realized being is same as that of an ignorant person then how come the realized being does not get reincarnated and an ignorant being gets reincarnated?

So he asked his father Aaruni, “O Father, please explain it to me again”. Aaruni said “ Ok Shvetaketu, I will explain it to you again”.

To be continued …

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