January 21, 2018

Dark night of soul is a process through which every spiritual seeker passes at some stage of his quest. I myself have been through it and now I am able to look back at it with somewhat impartiality. What is ‘Dark night of soul’? Although the term ‘Dark night of soul’ is not to be…

January 21, 2018

Are you a spiritual seeker? If not then don’t worry about this blog. But if yes, then you must pay a serious attention to the tendencies that I have discussed below. These are the common traits which I have observed in the novice spiritual seekers and to tell you the secret, I myself was showing…

January 20, 2018

What is self realization? Why self-realization? Why liberation? Why spirituality? Since the very first moment of this so-called creation if everyone is struggling and seemingly making any kind of effort then the objective is only one : Eternal Happiness. Every individual has to suffer, get sorrowful and miserable having got caught in the ferocious trap…

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