Our Connection With God (Blog Series) – Part 7

Continued …

“O Shvetaketu! Just like a blindfolded person,having been droped at a secluded place, shouts ‘Help! Help! I have been brought here but I belong to Gandhar country…”

“Hearing his shouts, a kind person comes and opens his blindfold and tells him the direction to Gandhar country. After that the person eventually reaches Gandhar country by asking people on the way. Similarly, the one having the true master and having been directed in right direction realizes the existence as his true self and thereby gets liberated. Having got a true master and having received the wisdom about the real self, he only has to wait till he completes his destiny karmas for the present life. After completing the course of his destiny karmas for this life, his body falls and he attains the permanent freedom and gets emancipated for ever.”

Here a doubt may come that why do the realized person also has to complete the destiny karmas for the remaining part of his present life even after realization of true self?

The answer is : because there is a difference between the destiny karmas and the other stock of karmas. Destiny karmas have got the momentum since the birth of an individual and that momentum takes the person forward even after the realization of true self, just like a bullet, fired from a gun, moves forward even after hitting the target due to previously incurred momentum.

One has to complete the course of destiny karmas by working them out practically.

“That subtle formless existence is the soul of all these things. That formless existence is the truth, that is the soul and O Shvetaketu! You are that!”

Having heard this, Shvetaketu wanted to know the sequence by which the realized person actully attains the truth.
So he asked his father Aaruni, “O Father, please explain it to me again”. Aaruni said “ Ok Shvetaketu, I will explain it to you again”.

To be continued …

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