I Am Harsha

Let Me Tell You More About Myself

Currently, I am teaching Six Systems of Indian Philosophy.

These include texts on : Patanjali Yogsutras (Yoga Philosophy), Vedanta (Upanishads/ Knowledge part of Vedas), Nyaya/Vaisheshika Philosophy, Mimansa Philosophy (Philosophy on ritualistic part of Vedas) & Sanskrit Grammer of Panini.

But previously I was a software engineer by profession, and I left my job & came to Himalayas in search of God Realization.

It was around 10 years of intense struggle involving many austerities, spiritual practices, hardships and exposure to raw conditions in the Himalayas, including the studies of original Sanskrit scriptures in a traditional monastery, which has taken me to my current level of spiritual understanding.

I have traveled in countries like Russia, Nepal and India, where I was invited to deliver talks and interactive discourses on Self-Realization and Spirituality.

Currently, I am staying by the banks of Ganges in Rishikesh, at the foothills of Himalayas, doing my bit to guide spiritual seekers, other commoners and trying to share my understanding with those who are destined to hear it from me.


I greatly revere all the masters from whom I have learned different aspects of spiritual realization, most notably to Shri. Nisargadatta Maharaj & Shri. Adi Shankaracharya. I am also grateful to various other masters & friends, who have helped me in my journey to spiritual realization.

My Classes

Currently I am teaching Patanjali Yogasutras (Yoga Philosophy) to a group of students who are advance yoga & meditation practitioners, serving well over ten years in yoga & wellness industry. The current class timings are : Monday to Saturday: 3 PM to 4 PM. 7 PM to 9 PM.

My Writing

A small attempt on my part is to take the understanding of a spiritual seeker to the next level. I do not want anyone to go through the difficulty & turmoil that I had to go through as a spiritual seeker. Therefore I am always looking if I can provide a readily available know-how to new seekers & other commoners, in the form of books & blogs.

Want To Meet Me?

Hey, its easy, just drop an email at : contact@ajatsrishti.com

My Books

Child Of Divinity, Feel The Peace. Draw Solace.

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