Ajat Srishti

The Unborn World

Literal Meaning Of  The Word 'Ajat Srishti' is 'Unborn World'.

This Name Is Inspired By The Ancient Philosophy Of Ajatvada.

Ajatvada Tells That The Creation Has Never Happened In Reality & The World We Perceive During The Waking State Is Merely An Illusion, Just Like The World We Tend To Perceive During The Dreaming State.

It May Sound Unbelievable, Unrealistic Or Even Funny, In The Beginning.

But, Yes, Only In The Beginning.

The More We Delve Into This Philosophy In Order To Reach The Truth, The More We Realize The Correctness & Simplicity Of It.

Initially It May Be Shocking To Listen About The Illusory Nature Of The Waking State World That We Perceive And Interact With, But Eventually It Brings The Peace, The Solace & The Liberation.

Although The Philosophy Of Ajatvada Is An Ancient Philosophy, But Shri. Gaudapadacharya Is Considered As The Chief Exponent Of This Philosophy.

Shri. Gaudapadacharya Has Written Verses On Mandukya Upanishada, Through Which He Has Elaborated The Philosophy Of Ajatvada In A Convincing Way.