Detachment Personified

He is known as German Sadhu.

The Sanskrit term ‘Sadhu’ is used for a renunciant who is totally detached from the world around him. In India, it is not an uncommon thing to find such a renunciate person who has given up all the worldly aspirations and who is leading a life of contentment with bare minimum resources to pass the day.

German Sadhu is a personification of such a life. The word ‘German’ in his name indicates his German origins.

He is been staying here along the banks of Ganges for many years now. He stays literary on the banks under the blue sky and allows the open wind to come to him without much of a resistance from his side.

He collects his food only once a day from a nearby ashram and eats it twice happily. If a passerby says hello then he will respond with hello, thats all. If some passerby gives a small currency note, he may accept it, but he never has any expectations from the people and the world around him.

Sometimes he collects the garbage left behind by the tourist crowd and quietly puts it into a small trash bin. Sometimes he is seen enjoying his glass of tea with his locally made cigar. Most often he is seen gazing at the Ganges water sitting on the banks.

With all this, we may think that he would be contemplating on something in his mind or he would be involved in some quest within. But No. He is neither involved in any search nor does he think on any particular subject. Few years back he happened to tour India and was fascinated with the spiritual vibrancy of the places near Ganges and in Himalayas. He was so mesmerized with it that he just gave up his secular life and started staying along the banks of Ganges.

He is a man of few words. If only someone approaches and talks, he responds with a few words. But one can feel the simplicity in his words too.

For local people around the area, he is just another Sadhu staying along the banks of Ganges. For those tourist who often come here, he is some wise man staying away from the worldly hustle and bustle. For spiritual seekers in the area, he is a self-realized person. But only mother Ganges knows who is he, as she only has kept him in her laps, perhaps to present an example of a life of real detachment.

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